The Univisionist 2.3 — HumanOlogy, Science & Technology (HOST)

HumanOlogy (Human-Organisation systems) is not only a prerequisite for Science & Technology, it is also a prerequisite for the ‘Optimisationism’ vision — i.e. ‘universal sustainable stability-prosperity maximisation’.

HumanOlogy (HO)

Santa Claus may well say “HO, HO, HO” because, individually, humans are ‘nothing’ — i.e. alone individuals can’t survive long and certainly can’t reproduce — and yet, collectively, Humanity rules The Earth and, perhaps, even The Universe, which means Human-Ology is ‘everything’.

HumanOlogy, Science & Technology (HOST)

‘Human-Organisation, Science & Technology’ (HOST) should be a single phrase that supersedes ‘Science & Technology’ because HumanOlogy is even more important than Science & Technology and all 3 relate to The Universe’s systems:

The Industrial Revolution: The HumanOlogical Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was certainly a Science and Technological revolution; however, the feedback effects on HumanOlogy were dimensionally phenomenal as:

Humanology’s Post-Industrial Revolution Universalism Goals

In a society, as mentioned, citizen Societal-Contribution is maximised when there is:

The Universal Survival Income (USI) Absence

‘It’s not that The USI is the solution;

The HumanOlogy Mindfulness’ Absence: The UEI’s Evolution

Humanity’s Science &Technology mindfulness means we can top-down imagine, hypothesise and then test, which propels the remarkable success we have had with both.

The Universal Empowerment Infrastructure’s (UEI) Evolutional Unnecessary Suffering

Regarding the evolution of Universal Empowerment Infrastructure (UEI), it has resulted in unparalleled Unnecessary Suffering.

The HOST Imbalance Perversion

Bad infrastructure foments bad governance including the spurring of ‘stop-gap’ ad hoc add-on Band-Aids, which, as well as not solving the issues, also cause flow-on problems such as stigma, mental-illness, suicide and societal-division plus various anti-social and criminal behaviour such as drug & alcohol abuse, domestic violence etc.

The Societal-Wide Minimum-Wage: The USI’s Evolutionary Block

The societal-wide minimum-wage is bad-infrastructure because it is infrastructure that institutionally ingrains Disempowerment including via manufacturing unemployment — i.e. without the societal-wide minimum-wage, unemployment wouldn’t even be a concept.

Stealth HumanOlogy

Humanity has overlooked HumanOlogy because of its deep subjectively metaphysical and philosophical component — i.e. with HumanOlogy, this time, the ‘laboratory rats’ are us.


The non-prioritisation and, subsequent, non-optimisation of HumanOlogy is causing our contemporary perfect storm of culminating exponentiating Socio-Econo-Enviro- (SEE) catastrophes.



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