The Univisionist 2.14 — Newsflash: There’s Good Reason to be Up-Beat

Our societal division is easily and invigoratively healed.
Which of our Super-Empowered 8 will be the first to focus on solving the source of our society’s division?
  1. Socio: poverty, homelessness, mental-illness, escapism (such as drug & alcohol abuse and suicide), domestic-violence etc.
  2. Econo: un/der/employment, the welfare-to-work distortion, ‘jobs-jobs-jobs’ (Triple-J) politics, the massive inefficiency of not ‘exclusively producing and delivering the goods & services we need/desire’ etc.
  3. Enviro:
  • Natural: ecosystem destruction, species extinction, the explosive human population plague, plastic, climate change etc.
  • International: our weaknesses boost our enemies, which is catalysing rivalry such as with China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.
  1. Universal Rule of Coopetition-maximising Law — [In Australia] comparatively robust;
  2. Universal (compulsory-voting) Liberal Democracy — comparatively robust;
  3. Universal Healthcare — comparatively robust;
  4. Universal Education — comparatively robust;
  5. Universal Survival Income (USI) substituted as an upgrade for Universal Minimum Hourly Wages (UMHoW) — No, not yet.
  1. Abolition of the Tax-Free Threshold ($35 billion);
  2. Reallocating the $175 billion Social Services budget (yes, federally, we are already spending almost half of that needed)
  3. Inserting a 20% full-breadth GST (no — it’s not regressive if the Disempowered are net beneficiaries; also, the wealthy and multinationals’ capacity to avoid a GST is particularly limited), which results in $200 billion minus $60 billion (from the current 10% gap-ridden GST) equalling an additional $140 billion.
  1. Jobs-for-jobs-sake paid-work — i.e. excess public service jobs and subsidised/protected private enterprise jobs
  2. Magnify-the-ISIS-Mess paid-work — i.e. Harassment-magnification via Centrelink and the Job-Search agencies
  3. Manage-the-ISIS-Mess paid-work — i.e. by far the most significant of the 3, includes most of the charity sector, which is 11% of the economy and 5.7 million volunteers, much of the health sector (especially mental-health), also Centrelink and most of the justice sector.




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