The Goliath Electionist 3.13: Congrats — You Did It — Now David’s on the Ticket!

Paul Ross
9 min readApr 24, 2022


The David & Goliath sequel: Paulo versus Scolbo (Scomo/Albo)

Breaking: The 2022 Australian Senate (Victoria) Ballot

Confirmed: Paul Ross — The Independent-‘Independent’ Coopetition-Infrastructuralist — on the Senate (Victoria) ballot (‘vote under the line’).

[Coopetition: ‘Cooperation first & foremost and Competition the treasured second’.

Examples include rules-based sport, democracy, civil-debate and a non-exploitative (i.e. Survival-Income-Slavery (SIS) Abolitionist) efficient free-market economy.

Coopetitionism: “minimal government systems that maximise citizens’ Coopetition-contributive self-actualisation”.]

Scolbo — The Double-Headed ‘Triple-J-ist’

‘Choice: We can blame individual-citizens (and punish them) or we can blame our societal-systems (and optimise them).’

Journalist: “Why are Scomo & Albo merged to become Scolbo? After all, don’t they stand for different things?”

CDO: “They both stand for the same unofficial national-mission of ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’ (Triple-J) — it’s just that we toggle between them — electing the Coalition sometimes and Labor other times.”

Journalist: “So, what is it about ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’? Why are we so beholden to it?”

CDO: “It’s a consequence of our current suboptimal government systems, which means Triple-J plays on both our legitimate fears and our other beliefs.”

Journalist: “Huh?”

CDO: “Given our current system, the ‘legitimate fears’ are:

1. If one doesn’t have paid-work, one may well be in Poverty

2. If one receives income-Welfare, one will be subject to ‘dole-bludger’ ‘parasite’ Stigma.

And, the ‘other beliefs’ include:

1. Blaming the difference between their gross and net income on ‘dole-bludger’ citizens rather than on our inefficient systems and costly Band-Aids

2. If someone is in paid-work, they are a ‘lifter’ and, if someone isn’t, then they’re a ‘leaner’, which means children are only important because they will one-day be paid-workers, volunteers are a curiosity and family-carers & retirees are just to be tolerated

[If our importance lies with our labour market supply contribution then, effectively, we are factory-machines — little wonder there’s so much mental-illness (and domestic violence), which, for a Triple-J-ist, is good because it creates many jobs]

3. Hearing of businesses crying-out for staff yet ‘dole-bludgers’ still existing, some forget businesses are necessarily choosy — i.e. given the Universal Minimum Hourly Wages (UMHoW) system, no matter an employer has a vacancy, they can only employ a particular person if that person’s labour is worth more than $20.33 per hour (plus other costs such as super and administration)

4. Paid-work is ‘necessary’ for dignity — ha ha, when the alternative is being called a ‘dole-bludger’ this is probably true yet a full-timer (what about a part-timer?) on UMHoW receives around $36,000 net, which, if they’re single, gives them a Survival-Income plus a Luxury-Income fraction but if they have dependents … — potentially, someone can slave and scrounge for 40 years (with no luxury income) yet be stigmatised as the parent of a ‘dole-bludger’

5. Full-employment is synonymous with full-economic-efficiency; however, the latter can only be achieved when we ‘exclusively efficiently produce the goods & services we need/desire’, which requires an end to manufacturing jobs-for-jobs’-sake and manage-our-manufactured-mess paid-work such as employing mental health professionals to assist those who’ve derived mental-illness from our suboptimal systems.

Journalist: “So, what’s the solution?”

CDO: “Infrastructure not Band-Aids (and certainly we need to trade-up and out of the UMHoW distortion — it’s a Frankenstein with nothing like it in nature). Specifically, we already have robust versions of the first 4 out of 5 ‘guaranteed and unconditional’ Citizens Empowerment Infrastructure (CEI) cornerstones — i.e.:

1. Universal Rule of Coopetition-maximising Law

2. Universal Liberal Democracy

3. Universal Education

4. Universal Healthcare

5. The Universal Survival Income (USI), which is Survival-Income-Slavery (SIS) abolitionist.

We simply need to ‘Finish the Job’ by trading in UMHoW for The USI trade-up.”

Journalist: “Isn’t there an alternative?”

CDO: “Sure — we can keep blaming fellow-citizens and continue arguing over such Band-Aids as:

1. ‘Raise the Rate 4 Eternity’, which also raises:

a. ‘Dole-bludger’ Stigma (and its associated mental-illness)

b. Economic-inefficiency including increasing the income-Welfare-to-paid-work distortion

c. The budget deficit

d. Government’s incentive for more onerous ‘mutual-obligations’

e. The Indigenous & Disabled Gaps

f. The ‘us and them’ snobbery, which, for now, due to our systems, goes every which way

2. Increasing UMHoW, which, as an hourly-rate, only indirectly affects Poverty (often, perversely)

3. Implementing job-creation’s final-solution of ‘the Job Guarantee (JG)’, which, never mind we are still dealing with Communism Mark I’s remnants of Putin/Xi, leads us to Communism Mark II.

[That is, in order to pay for the JG (and its bureaucracy), Government must tax the private-sector (including, indirectly, via taxing individuals), which makes business less competitive, which means it will employ less people, which means there is a requirement for more JG jobs, which means more taxation and so on. Hence, private enterprise is progressively all but taxed-out of existence such that the economy transitions to Communism. Given the ACTU, ACOSS, GetUp, the Greens & Anglicare all want the JG, this election’s greatest unasked question is, ‘Does Labor intend to implement it?’]”

Journalist: “Well, I don’t like the name ‘Scolbo’ — it sounds like ‘Skull’ — how about ‘Almo’ — you know, Albo & Scomo — Almo?”

CDO: “Sure, Alamo’s also appropriate since that’s where they’re leading us — to societal death culminating in losing our sovereignty.”

Journalist: “So, the stakes really are ‘David versus Goliath’ high except it’s up to Vic. voters to choose — either The Infrastructuralist or one of a long-line of take-your-pick ducks-out-of-a-row Band-Aidists?”

CDO: “Yes — a vote for Paul Ross isn’t a vote for the person so much as a proxy vote for, in general, Coopetitionism — whose standards he commits to be judged against — and, in particular, ‘The USI-Reform’:

1. Increase GST to 20% full-breadth

2. Pay every in-country non-incarcerated adult citizen The Universal Survival Income (USI) of $20,000 per year (irrespective of whether or not they are in paid-work), which means a paid-worker currently earning $40,000 gross will receive around $60,000 gross [$5,000 for children to their guardian/s.]

3. Eradicate Universal Minimum Hourly Wages (UMHoW), which eradicates Unemployment/Underemployment and unleashes both small/big business & our national net productivity

4. Abolish the dead-weight-loss of Centrelink, Job Service Provider (JSP) contracts and Jobseeker payments.

Paul Ross is the only candidate advocating optimising our governance model such that we achieve Socio-Econo-Enviro[international/natural] (SEE-in) sustainable stability-prosperity.”

Australian & New Zealand Army Corps’ Day Eve


Can Paul Ross win a senate place?

Paul Ross cannot win.

So why is he running and what on earth is the point of voting for him?

Thank You

First, regarding nominations, over the full-with-commitments Easter period and a tremendously confined timeline, 130 Victorian CDO supporters nominated Paul Ross so that, for the first-time in global history, at an election, Coopetitionism/‘The USI-Reform’ are represented.

There are plenty of stories — at least one person (I trust he doesn’t mind us sharing) sent a nomination form directly to the Electoral Commission (if we had thought of it, we would have suggested it) — we love its lateral no-nonsense I’m going to make sure it arrives on time approach — which may be unique because the AEC called-up confused-and-agitated wondering where was the rest of the application.

Others sent it in an overnight special delivery; some advocated and convinced their circle to sign support; particular friends travelled more than 2 hours (return) to drop it off.

Thank you to all of you.

Why Can’t Paul Ross Win a Senate Quota?

In Victoria, 6 senators will be elected according to a preferential ‘quota’ system.

The quota is determined via the formula: (Total number of formal votes/7) + 1.

In the 2019 election, in Victoria, there was a turnout of 3,896,236, in which 3,739,443 votes were formal and 156,793 informal such that the quota was 534,207.

In that election, solely on first preferences, the first 4 places went 2 to Liberal (primary vote: 1,342,362) and 2 to Labor (primary vote: 1,163,853).

Of the remaining 2 senate seats, 1 went to the Liberals and 1 to the Greens.

The Liberals had a first preference overflow of 1342362–2 x 534,207 = 273,948.

The Greens had a primary vote of 397,133.

In both these cases, their primary vote plus other candidate preferences, necessarily, got them over the 534,207 quota.

The next 3 highest primary votes were:

1. One Nation: 106,742

2. Derryn Hinch’s Justice: 105,459

3. Democratic Labour: 94,720

To us, this suggests in order to win a quota, a candidate needed to receive at least 200,000 primary votes.

There were 25 further parties who combined received around 550,000 primary votes.

Lastly, there were 4 independents who tallied a combined primary vote of just 2595.

Paul Ross is running as an independent.

[For the record: In the event Paul Ross wins a Senate seat, he will work with all parliament’s representatives on the basis of Coopetition — i.e. Cooperation first & foremost and Competition the treasured second — seeking to promote and support policies that minimally infrastructurally optimise interaction amongst our bottom-up societal entities namely citizens, families, businesses, trade-unions and non-government organisations.]

If Paul Ross Has Got ‘No Chance’ of Winning a Senate Seat, Why Vote For Him?

Australia/humanity doesn’t need Paul Ross in the Senate, it needs:

1. The bipartisan adoption of the Coopetitionism narrative

2. The implementation of ‘The USI-Reform’ such that Survival-Income-Slavery (SIS) is abolished and the Socio-Econo-Enviro- (SEE) harmonised.

Hence, with the stakes effectively infinite, the global first of getting a person who represents these policies into an election must be just the first step in this nuanced change of course.

So, having achieved the first step, regarding the second step of the election, what will success look like?

Given, in a democracy, usually (and rightly), politicians are more follower-than-leader, it’s up to voters to indicate their desired government systems both in the immediate term and as a trend.

And, if ‘Paul Ross’ received 10,000 primary votes — at the 2019 election, 9 registered parties each received less — then that would send an outsized message that the other parties (both minor and major) would find unignorable.

Yes, at a time when Ukrainian fighters are investing their bodies and souls in saving their country and families, in concordance, Victorians (with just their vote) have the power to kickstart saving humanity per se.

Thus, rather than being lost in the usual swamp of choosing the ‘least bad’, arguably, this election, your vote (and any other support) matters more than at any previous election.

Some Election Facts

The Australian Electoral Commission’s (AEC) scheduling is:

1. Early voting commences Monday May 9

2. Close of postal votes is Wednesday May 18

3. Election Day is Saturday May 21

This means, from ANZAC Day, voting starts in 14 days and ends in 26 days.

Third, as of March 31, 2022, there are 4,320,270 Victorians enrolled to vote, which means we only need less than 0.25% in order to ‘win’.

Fourth, according to our information, in Victoria, there are 1629 polling stations (‘AEC expected election day polling places’), which means, on polling day, in theory, 3258 people could cover all the stations (open from 8am to 6pm) with just a half-day each — ‘vote and distribute’.

That is, while we can’t centrally organise it, if just 1 in 1000 registered Victorian voters decided Coopetitionism/‘The USI-Reform’/Survival-Income-Slavery-Abolition is worth investing half-a-day in then it could be more than achieved.

Regarding interstaters, potentially, they could organise a postal vote so as to come and help. [Please note, we’re still negotiating with the Victorian government for, on the Saturday evening, a ticker-tape parade down Swanston St. culminating with the Victorian Governor presenting ‘Keys to Victoria’ to any interstater with a ‘Vote for Rossy’ pamphlet.]

Our Election Tactic

Our only election tactic is: provided you allow it, to keep you informed.

At least 40,000 Australians (including 10,000 Victorians) will open this email so the power is in your hands.

Plus, with almost every Australian knowing someone — a family member, a friend, a colleague or an associate — who is a Victorian voter, every Australian can potentially contribute.

Shortly, we will disseminate a ‘How to Vote’ template, which can be printed on a home-printer or sent to a printing shop. [To this point (and with no change foreseeable), The CDO is a zero-revenue Not-For-Profit with, apart from distributing these emails, no election budget, which means we can’t fund it.]

Regarding the ‘How to Vote’ card, given this campaign exists because no other party or candidate is representing ‘The USI-Reform’, other candidates won’t be preferenced, which means the only detail will be how to ensure the vote is valid. Most notably, regarding the Senate ballot, voting can be either ‘above the line’ (for Parties/groups), which requires voting 1 to 6 or ‘below the line’ for Independents (such as Paul Ross), which, involving individually voting for candidates, requires numbering, at least, 1 to 12.

For fellow-citizens, Australia, humanity and good.

Thank you.

Best regards

Paul Ross

Founder, The Citizen’s Dividend Organisation (CDO)

2022 Independent-‘Independent’ Senate (Vic.) Candidate