The Electionist 3.15 — The Senate (Vic) Abolition Referendum ‘How to Vote’

Paul Ross
5 min readMay 11, 2022
Senate (Victoria) Ballot: For ‘finishing the job’ of infrastructuralising Sustainable-Stability-Prosperity and abolishing Survival-Income-Slavery (SIS), Vote 1 ROSS, Paul INDEPENDENT [located, as indicated, below the line (topmost/rightmost) then, in order to validate the vote, also below the line, preference other candidates 2–12].

2022 Senate (Victoria) Candidate Paul Ross’ ‘Finish the Job’ Abolitionist Platform

‘Choice: We can blame individual-citizens (and punish them) or we can blame our societal-systems (and optimise them).’

Our problems may be categorized as ‘SEE-in’ — i.e.:

1. Socio- (S) such as mental-illness

2. Econo- (E) such as inefficiency

3. Enviro-international (E-i) such as Communism Mark I remnants (Put/Xi)

4. Enviro-natural (E-n) such as rainforest-clearance

[Socio-Econo-Enviro[international/natural] (SEE-in)]

The solution starts with our attitude.

‘Seek, and ye shall find.’

Yes, we are facing a culminating perfect storm of exponentiating Socio-Econo-Enviro[international/natural] (SEE-in) catastrophes; however, we can be confident this is not the natural way; on the contrary, necessarily, they are symptoms resulting from our self-inflicted nature-violations.

Accordingly, we can be confident there is a solution and:

1. It relates to our societal or government-level systems

2. It is simple (not complex)

3. It is well within our grasp.

Until now, our failure to understand this has constituted our greatest impediment because, rather than focusing on discerning and implementing the solution, we are panicking, dividing, heading-off on wild-(resource-wasting)-goose-chases and, even, attacking fellow-citizens.

In order to settle ourselves, we must imbibe that humanity is a subset of nature’s glory and ‘the society’ is both nature’s construct and ubiquitous within nature, which suggests, in order to solve our SEE-in problems, we need only correlate our government-level systems with nature.

Prerequisites for optimally solving our Socio-Econo-Enviro[international/natural] (SEE-in) catastrophes are:

1. Detect and address the source rather than Band-Aiding over the symptoms

2. Use infrastructure (i.e. societal-wide systems) rather than the ad hoc

3. Ensure our source-addressing infrastructures’ indirect effects assist (and certainly do not, harm) all 4 SEE-in categories.

Accordingly, regarding Human-Organisation, Science & Technology (HOST), our main focus must be optimising Human-Organisation particularly at the societal/government-level with respect to the citizen — i.e. optimise the Government/Citizen interface. For instance, if we optimise government-level Human-Organisation then, by definition, that will create the best conditions for nurturing beneficial S&T.

Specifically, as a post-Industrial Revolution (the all-in-this-together watershed) inheritance, society requires the 5 universal, guaranteed and unconditional Citizen Empowerment Infrastructure (CEI) cornerstones — i.e.:

1. Universal Rule of Cooperation-first-and-Competition-second-maximising Law

2. Universal Liberal Democracy

3. Universal Education

4. Universal Healthcare

5. The Universal Survival Income (USI), which is Survival-Income-Slavery (SIS) abolitionist.

[Regarding the Left — the guardians of Cooperation — traditionally, they have supported the provision of these cornerstones as universal, guaranteed and unconditional with the notable (and inexplicable) exception of the latter. Moreover, it is because of the Left, we have the first 4 (yet, also, don’t have the 5th). Regarding the Right — the guardians of Competition — in each case (except the 5th), ultimately coming to perceive these cornerstones as critical to Competition (i.e. human capital), they’ve provided bipartisan support and improvements. Nevertheless, on the issue of Survival-Income-Slavery (SIS), both Left & Right remain pro-Slavery, which means all of us inhabit the SIS paradigm. For instance, ‘the dole-bludger’ narrative is a SIS-paradigm manifestation.]

Happily, already possessing robust versions of the first 4, in order to ‘Finish the Job’ we only need ‘The USI-Reform’, which involves:

‘Trading-up from Universal Minimum Hourly Wages (UMHoW) – currently, $20.33 per hour, which means full-time minimum-wage workers receive around $36,000 per year net) — to The USI of $20,000 per year to every in-country non-incarcerated adult citizen [$5,000 for children to their guardian/s]. The USI is received irrespective of whether one has paid-work, which means a paid-worker currently earning $40,000 gross will receive around $60,000 gross.’

The USI-Reform is a PUSHE-eradicator — i.e. it eradicates Poverty, Unemployment/Underemployment, Stigma (‘the dole-bludger’ narrative including its racist and disablist variants), Harassment (‘mutual obligations’) & paid-worker-Exploitation (PUSHE).

Also, business will be unleashed via significant labour market deregulation, increased demand (i.e. The USI will result in increased expenditure) and reductions in non-GST taxes due to savings in health, bureaucracy (Centrelink disbandment), law-enforcement and charity.

Also, once implemented, as with the other 4 cornerstones, it’s destined to receive bipartisan support, which means, without the current Survival-Income-Slavery (SIS) spawned distractions (including ‘the dole-bludger narrative’, ‘Raise the Rate for Eternity’, the Fair Work Commission’s UMHoW-arbitration and the transition-to-Communism-Mark-II Job Guarantee (JG)), we can prioritise both our Enviro- manifestations.

Paul Ross

Founder, The Citizen’s Dividend Organisation (CDO)

2022 Independent-‘Independent’ Abolitionist Senate (Victoria) Candidate.

May 11, 2022


The CDO is defining the 2022 Senate (Victoria) election as a referendum on Sustainable-Stability-Prosperity, which devolves to a referendum on Survival-Income-Slavery (SIS) abolition, which, in turn, devolves to a referendum on ‘The USI-Reform’.

Thus, with Paul Ross the sole abolitionist, the choice is to either:

1. Begin implementing a Sustainable-Stability-Prosperity system — Vote 1 Paul Ross

2. Further magnify-our-manufactured-mess — take your pick of the-pro-Slavery-rest.

For those wishing to leverage their abolition efforts, please find a PNG-file ‘How to Vote’ template below, which:

1. For professional printing, may be (cropped and) converted to a PDF file (please Google it or ask the printing business)

2. For home-printing, may be copied (out of this email) and pasted onto a blank ‘landscape’-oriented Word document, the margins all adjusted to zero and the PNG-file’s dimensions increased to full-page before printing and guillotining.

[Home-printing on ordinary paper is fine — i.e. a key CDO theme is anti-snobbery (including disproportionately professionalising our policy), which means, regarding spreading the word, any amount of old-fashioned can-do-ism is appreciated.]

Distribution suggestions include letterbox drops, shops, railway-stations, pre-polling stations and on the 21st.

With this election an important stepping-stone within the process of achieving the Sustainable-Stability-Prosperity vision, our goal is at least 10,000 primary votes, which, if achieved, will be one heck of an unignorable outsized statement — a number of registered parties will fail to achieve this — which, in turn, will encourage post-election reflection on the CDO’s narrative and policies.

Accordingly, if you are responsible for just 10 primary votes then that’s a significant contribution to Australian society, the planet and humanity’s future.

Thank you.

Best regards (and happy voting)

Paul Ross

Founder, The Citizen’s Dividend Organisation (CDO)

2022 Independent-‘Independent’ Abolitionist Senate (Victoria) Candidate.