The Civilisationist 4.3 — ‘Jobs + Skills Summit’ Submission: A National Campaign to Ubiquitise ‘Coopetition’

National campaigns have been effective — how about one to ubiquitise the ‘Coopetition’ concept?

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August 23, 2022


Systems affect minds; infrastructures (i.e. systems that are societal-wide/universal) affect minds most of all.

National campaigns disproportionately impact citizen-minds.

For instance, amongst campaigns past, one got most, to wear a seatbelt.

Hence, regarding the upcoming ‘Jobs + Skills Summit’, The CDO — as the peak-body for cross-societal Coopetition (representing competent bureaucrats, educators, health-professionals, not-for-profiteers, politicians, businesspeople, trade-unionists, economists, think-tankists etc.) — advocates a national campaign to ‘ubiquitise’ the system of ‘Coopetition’.

Coopetition is defined as ‘Cooperation first & foremost and Competition the treasured second’ — such as in:

1. Sport — i.e. Cooperation in the form of agreement on the rules, playing-field, umpires and, broader, ‘spirit of the game’ understandings then, within that context, all-out Competition;

2. Civil-debate

3. Democracy.

Regarding human-rights, Coopetition uniquely inherently encompasses both its full-spectrum and full-magnitude — i.e. it systematises universal empowerment (including minority rights and women’s rights) in a manner infinitely more effective (because it’s natural) than any stand-alone law or sets of laws including a Bill of Rights.

Regarding The Jobs + Skills Summit, our economy needs Coopetising.

A ‘Coopetonomy’ is an efficient economy — i.e. one that ‘exclusively efficiently empoweringly produces and distributes the goods & services citizens need/desire’.

In contrast, our current economy is an inefficient ‘Squandonomy’ because, with the labour-market as our principal income-Welfare mechanism — i.e. dig-a-hole-then-fill-it-in and, so long as someone is paying for it (even the taxpayer), the zeitgeist is in bliss — it is characterised by:

1. Jobs-for-jobs’-sake paid-work

2. Increasingly-excessive-business-regulation.

A Coopetonomy is pleasurably achieved via ‘The USI-Reform’ of trading-in our Universal Minimum Hourly Wages (UMHoW) system for The Universal Subsistence Income (USI), which is Subsistence-Income-Servitude (SIS) abolitionist — imagine, all slavery eradicated.

The USI is pitched at:

1. $20,000 per year for all non-incarcerated in-country adult-citizens under 67

2. $25,000 per year for all non-incarcerated in-country adult-citizens 67 and over

3. $5,000 per year for all n-i i-c child-citizens [to their guardian/s].

[Note: The disabled also receive a ‘top-up’ from the Health budget as per their health needs, which, because it’s minus The USI amount, has far less onerous application requirements — for example, instead of it being say $25,000 per year, it would be only $5,000.]

Amongst other things, The USI-Reform is a PUSCHE-eradicator — i.e. it eradicates Poverty, Unemployment (and Underemployment), Stigma (‘the dole-bludger’ narrative including its racist and disablist variants), Corruption (particularly, Developing World relevant — with a USI of just 40 USD a month [miniscule compared to the Coalition’s failed military costs], the Taliban wouldn’t be celebrating their first anniversary), Harassment (‘mutual obligations’) & paid-worker-Exploitation (PUSCHE).

[Note: UMHoW (and other business regulation) causes all Unemployment, which is defined as ‘those who want paid-work at the going wage-rate but cannot obtain paid-work’. In our system, the minimum going wage-rate is UMHoW, which is currently $21.38 per hour — too high for the labour-market to clear so we have Unemployment — i.e. even if a business has a vacancy, there will be people whose labour is not worth $21.38 per hour to the business.]

While it’s often said we need wage-rises; what is needed is income-rises.

For instance, a full-time paid worker on UMHoW earns around $37,000 per year (after tax); however, with The USI, their income would be: The USI + their wage = $20,000 + $37,000.

As indicated, there is no workplace-Exploitation because, with no Poverty and no Unemployment, citizens can choose to live a subsistence lifestyle (including in order to focus on gaining Skills) or, far more likely, choose to obtain societally-contributive paid-work (i.e. the current swathes of non-productive and counterproductive jobs will automatically be eliminated).

Meanwhile, business is only paying the paid-worker’s income’s wage-component (i.e. not The USI component), which means their costs have not increased, yet they benefit from:

1. Increased demand (because incomes are up especially amongst the previously poor)

2. Significant labour market deregulation, which makes them internationally superior

3. A motivated workforce that wants to be there

4. Their personal USI, which is likely to be particularly important for small-business

5. Lower taxes.

Lower taxes?

The USI-Reform achieves an efficient economy with benefits including perpetual budget surpluses (and/or tax decreases, which further boosts business and paid-workers) as:

1. Tax revenues surge including due to business being regulation-unleashed and an end to the obtain-paid-work-lose-income-Welfare distortion, which means, among other things, farmers will get their seasonal workers

2. Government expenditure plummets because, in addition to replacing most of our present inefficient income-Welfare system (already about 45% of The USI transfer), there are vast savings in charity (there’s no Poverty and no alienation), law-enforcement (there’s universal empowerment), health (including mental-health — the Productivity Commission says it costs us over $200 billion per year), bureaucracy (Centrelink will be closed), natural-environment rehabilitation (the Squandonomy is no more) and the end to jobs-for-jobs’-sake paid-work.

Thus, via efficiency gains, The USI-Reform is, amongst other things: optimal for the Disempowered; optimal for business; optimal for the government’s bottom-line.

Returning to the proposed national campaign to ubiquitise Coopetition, it’s also relevant in solving humanity’s 4 Big Picture colossal problems, which are:

1. Our Socio-Econo-Enviro-[international/natural] (SEE-in) problems — including, respectively:

a. The Socio- — i.e. Disempowerment (for instance, Poverty, alienation & Harassment)

b. The Econo- inefficiency — i.e. since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, we have achieved potential Human-Organisation, Science & Technology (HOST) productivity improvements of around 10,000-fold yet Australians are only 216 times as wealthy as Burundians, who are poorer than the c. 1760 British, which means, for a comparative ruination of our natural-environment (i.e. without using any extra resources), we should be 50 times as prosperous (yes, if not for our wanton inefficiency, someone earning $100,000 a year would be earning the equivalent of $5 million) or just as prosperous yet causing 2% of the damage to nature

c. The international-Enviro- such as Authoritarian-Illegitimates who are, most of all, Coopetition-defiers.

d. The natural-Enviro- such as Climate-Change

2. Our suboptimal systems, which, both, have systematically generated our SEE-in catastrophes and continue to worsen them — i.e. rather than being the result of happenstance, greedy corporations, psychopathic behaviour or corrupt politicians etc., they result from systems, which you and I are protecting for reasons such as the UMHoW-sentimentality and, though The USI is an Industrial Revolution inheritance, our ‘something for nothing’ disgust

3. Our minds, which are being distorted by our suboptimal systems such that we are:

a. Behaving in an uncivilised manner — for instance, each prioritising obtaining our (and our family’s) Subsistence-Income rather than being concerned that everyone has a Subsistence-Income, which means, of course, ourselves and our families are also okay

b. Using Band-Aids for each specific problem (for example, jobs-for-jobs’-sake paid-work to ‘solve’ Unemployment), which worsens all our SEE-in problems (inefficiency) including feeding-back into the particular matter that policy is trying to solve (i.e. among other things, greater taxes and bureaucracy, which subtract from business and its capacity to employ people)

4. Our ‘leaders’ — whether from politics, the media, bureaucracy, academia, the social-services, businesses etc. — who seem to prefer managing the existing UMHoW/income-Welfare system than leading debate on The USI-Reform.

Coopetition solves them all.

That is, consistent with the calls for “Unity” and pronouncements “We’re all in this together”, Coopetition infrastructuralises common-purpose.

Thus, a national campaign to ubiquitise the Coopetition concept would quickly, cost-effectively, universally and upliftingly focus citizen-minds on exactly how our systems need to operate.

Thank you.

Best regards

Paul Ross

Founder, The Citizens’ Dividend Organisation (CDO)



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